Our Story

We are a mother/daughter owned small business based on the coast of North Carolina. Our love of family and children has led us to bring this boutique to life!

Our mission is to provide a curation of clothing, accessories, and toys that are high quality, memorable, and safer for your little one.

As mothers, we know how deeply you care and the conscious thought that goes into everything you buy for your little one. When selecting items for our store, we prioritize vendors that use organic/non-toxic materials that are ethically sourced and based primarily in Europe or the United States. 

Our collections are inspired by the hues and nature of coastal living as growing up near the ocean has always brought us tranquility and joy.

We are so glad you are here and hope you can feel the love put into Love Leonie with every purchase!

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Behind The Name

It's no surprise that my own two babies were the inspiration behind this business and its name.

We were blessed with our baby boy in August of 2020. While we didn't plan his pregnancy, God knew how much we needed him. Our boy was the greatest light in our lives when it felt like the world was falling apart, and he continues to be our sunshine to this day.

The following August, we experienced the loss of our second pregnancy. We were incredibly heartbroken, and on the day we received the news I took my journal and my Bible to the ocean. As I sat there in the breeze, I will never forget the peace that washed over me and I knew that our story was still being written.

Several months later, we found out we were pregnant with our daughter, due in August on the very date I miscarried our previous baby. It was such a sweet reminder of God's promises.

We welcomed our baby girl just days after our son's second birthday. Born in early August, both of our little ones are Leo babies! To pay homage to how much this special month now means to us, we decided to use a derivative of the name "Leo" and the love we have poured into every part to name this business. Thus, Love Leonie was born!